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How much can you fit in a MOVITS Portable Storage container?

How much fits inside a MOVITS portable storage container

How much stuff can you fit inside of a Houston MOVITS portable storage container?

If you have to be out of your house soon but aren’t quite ready to settle down in another home, renting a moving truck won’t help much. Where would you park the truck until you find a new home, and how much will it cost to keep it for weeks or months at a time? Clearly, not everyone who is moving is best served by a moving truck. Some need a convenient combo of a place to store their belongings and a way to move it all at once. Enter MOVITS, a portable storage option we at 3 Men Movers are proud to offer as your local Houston moving company. Here’s what you need to know about MOVITS.

What Can You Expect from MOVITS?

This concept is similar to PODS, but better! With PODS, you load your portable storage container on your own. But with MOVITS, you get the help of Houston movers who will load your containers and drive them to the storage center the same day. It’s as fast and easy as hiring a Houston moving company that will load a truck and drive it to your new home, except you don’t have to have a new home ready when you use a MOVITS container. Whether you’re still looking for your dream home or just don’t know the date you’re closing on your next house, your belongings will be safe at a storage facility when you use MOVITS.

Another difference between PODS and MOVITS is the size. PODS are typically 8 feet wide, 8 feet tall and 16 feet long, while MOVITS are 8 feet wide, 8 feet tall and 20 feet long. I’m not great at math, but according to my calculator, that means MOVITS have 1280 square feet of space–a 25 percent increase in cubic feet compared to PODS! So if you need to squeeze as much as possible into a portable storage container, MOVITS is the way to go.

What Can You Fit in MOVITS?

So surely the burning question on your mind is whether you can fit your whole house into a portable storage container…or if you’ll need a few. Well, I don’t have time to come look at your belongings right now, so we’ll need to make some generalizations to get to the bottom of this. Our method is similar to how we figure out how much stuff fits inside a moving truck.

Basically, we say that a 2-bedroom apartment–or maybe a sparsely furnished 3-bedroom–can fit into a MOVIT container. But if you have a house, the rules change, because that means you have a garage, backyard and closets full of things. This is especially the case if you’re among the one in four Americans who can’t park a car in the garage because it’s too packed with holiday décor, landscaping tools and everything else you need when you have a house. So if you have a 3-bedroom house, be prepared to ask your Houston moving company for more than one MOVIT storage container.

How Many MOVITS Do You Need?

Here’s a visual to help: the average 2-car garage is about 20 feet wide and 20 feet deep. That means one lane of the garage is the size of one MOVIT. If you can squeeze everything you own into half of your garage, one portable storage container should be fine. If you need to use the whole garage, you need two containers. And if you’re chuckling at the idea of fitting all your belongings into one measly garage…plan on renting three or more Houston portable storage containers!

Fortunately, many of our offices have supersize trucks that can fit two MOVITS containers at once, giving you over 2,500 square feet of storage. If you want to find out if that will work for you, contact 3 Men Movers today to get help from a Houston moving company you can count on.

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