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Packing Tips! San Antonio Movers Give 4 Tips for Tackling the Bedroom

Moving is a large task.  There is no getting around it.  No need to go crazy, just take it one room at a time!  The first step to moving is packing and packing in itself is a large task. But make things easier on yourself and attack it one room at a time, and start as early as you can.
tips to pack your bedroom

When you begin planning  your packing strategy, start by determining which rooms you will start with. Typically it is best to start packing up spare bedrooms and bathrooms first since they typically do not get used as much. One of the last things you want to pack up is probably your bedroom.

It is very important to be prepared and thorough when you are getting ready to pack your bedroom.  The reason why is because if you pack your bedroom well it will allow you to unpack quickly and get comfortable in your new home faster.

Here are a few tips from our San Antonio movers to help you pack your bedroom and move quickly to your new home.

1.) Check with your moving company to see what the policy is on unloading your dressers.  A lot of times it will depend on the weight.  Most moving companies do NOT charge extra if you don’t unload your dresser, but they will if it causes the dresser to be an overweight item.

The best rule of thumb with dressers is that light, bulky items like sweaters and pants are fine but small loose items will fall out when the movers tip the dresser for transport.  There is no need to do extra work unloading your dresser if you don’t need to, just be careful to do a thorough check to make sure anything you need to take out is removed and boxed up before move day.

2.) The movers with your moving company will probably disassemble your bed for you.  So check before the move and save yourself the effort.

Double check that your movers keep track of the parts to your bed.  The best way to do this is to bag all the parts and tape them to the frame of the bed.  This is very important because loose parts usually never find their owner after they make it to the new home if they even do.

3.) Wardrobe boxes make packing closets much, much easier.  The standard size of a wardrobe box is 24″ and is well worth the money.  Wardrobe boxes cost a little bit more than the regular smaller box but save you tons of time.

In case you are using a wardrobe box for the first time, we are going to share a few secrets about them…

  • You can save even more space by putting your shoes in the bottom of the wardrobe box.
  • They can be used in your attic, garage or in a storage unit to keep out of season items hung and organized.
  • Rule of thumb for deciding how many wardrobe boxes you need is to take your clothes in your closet and push them tight together.  However many feet you have in clothing should be how many wardrobe boxes you will need.
  • Pack the wardrobe box tight.  Pack it with enough clothing so it will be a sturdy box.  Lightly packed wardrobe boxes shift back and forth and tip over in the moving truck. 

4.) Have a very thorough labeling system for your bedrooms.  It is a good idea to use a color code system for the rooms.  Have colored stickers for each room and label above the door on the new bedrooms.  This will help your movers quickly determine where each box is going.  It also allows you to use the colored stickers and put them on the larger loose items like dressers and lamps.

Having boxes all over the place after you move is a nightmare.  Working out a good system and organizing thoroughly is well worth your time.

Just remember give yourself enough time and take it one step at a time.  Good luck with your move!