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Pros and Cons of Furnishing a Rental Property for San Antonio Movers

Many San Antonio movers find themselves weighing the pros and cons of furnishing or not furnishing a propertythey need to rent out. This is common in San Antonio, as well as Houston and Austin.

There are many reasons why you could find yourself in this situation, such as a temporary job opportunity or a family responsibility that calls you away from home. This is common in large Texas cities because many times companies will have branches or locations in Houston, Austin, San Antonio and Dallas, so you may get called to move from San Antonio to Houston or anyPros & Cons To Furnishing A Rental Property of the above combinations for a temporary time, and you may be given very short notice to move.  Whatever the reason, you have a home you don’t want to, or can’t sell, and renting is the best option for you and your family.

You have two options when you make the decision to rent out your home temporarily. Once you have made the decision, you now need to decide whether to leave your home furnished or rent out your home unfurnished. We have explored these two options below for you in hopes to make the best decision a little clearer for you and your family.

Here are the pros and cons of renting out your home furnished as opposed to renting out your home unfurnished in San Antonio and other cities in Texas.

Renting out a Home Unfurnished

It is easier and faster to rent out a home unfurnished.  Often times you will find that you have a wider range of people who can rent from you if you are renting out your home unfurnished. There are many renters in San Antonio and these people usually have their own furniture and can only rent a home if it is unfurnished.

Renting your home out unfurnished allows for you to use your furniture at your new home and save money by paying for your rent at your new home with the rent of your tenants in your old home.  This will probably work best if you will be staying at your new location for a year or more, otherwise the cost of moving anything takes away from the monetary gain of renting out an unfurnished home.

If you decide to rent your home out unfurnished but not take a lot of your furniture with you, you have the ability to sell your furniture to make money. This will help you pay for moving costs and anything you may need to cover costs on for your move. Many San Antonio movers use Craigslist and have garage sales to do this effectively.

You are able to rent to individuals and families that have pets.  Typically if you are leaving your home furnished, you will not want to rent out to tenants who will have pets.  Renting a furnished home to pet owners is just asking for trouble.

Renting out an Furnished home

You won’t have to bother figuring out which items you have to leave and which ones you have to try to sell or get rid of.  Typically you will not want to move with your large appliances, if you leave your home furnished, it will be expected these items will stay.

It will be easier to find a home to rent at your new location if you are looking for an unfurnished home or apartment.  There are far fewer homes that are furnished.

More than likely you will need to furnish your new home, this could be a pro or a con.  Some people may feel that it is a pro to have an excuse to get all new furniture and have an excuse to go shopping for their new home.  Other San Antonio movers would argue that this is a negative. Many people moving to a new home temporarily don’t have time to shop for new furniture for a temporary home.

If you are staying short term for less than a few months, it will be a lot easier to just rent your home out furnished.  This way you can come back to things just the way they were and not have to worry about costs of San Antonio movers or a moving company to get you across Texas to only do it again a few months later.

A negative for renting out a furnished home is that you run the risk of your personal items not being treated properly and even damaged.  For some people just this risk alone is enough to make this not an option.

The most important thing is to determine what is most important to you and weigh your options and make the best decision for yourself and your family.