Austin Apartment Movers

Everyone thinks that moving a house is so much more difficult than an apartment. This may be true in sleepy towns, but in a place like Austin there are a lot of challenges to face. If you are moving to a downtown loft you have to consider parking and traffic. Fortunately, our Austin apartment movers know what to expect with these processes and can handle any move with ease.



We do more then relocate you from A to B. Each move is tailored to your individual needs. Our Moving Specialists take everything into account – our goal is to ensure we’re the right fit for you.



An always available agent to answer all of your questions. Your concierge will explain the entire moving process and keep you informed of schedules, dates and coordinate any and all changes along the way.

3 Men Movers was founded in 1985, and has earned a trusted reputation in the community. With this many years of experience we have also interacted with countless apartment managers and know what is needed to ensure a smooth move. Our professionals understand that there are often specific parking spaces for apartment movers in Austin, and that the use of the elevator often needs to be approved in advance. 3 Men Movers sends a crew to you with a leader that is more than confident and qualified to handle any obstacle that may arise to ensure you are in your new home quickly.


3 Men Movers has been handling apartment moves so long that we can even advise you of issues that may arise with management of your building, so you can be prepared. There is a good chance that they will want to see proof of insurance, so we make it easy to download a copy right from our website.

Every size move is equally important to us. Even a small studio apartment move is designated a moving concierge. This professional will have an abundance of experience and will be able to answer any questions that may arise. Need help disassembling or assembling furniture? We can handle that for you. 3 Men Movers even offers packing and unpacking services.

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