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How to Take Care of Yourself and Your Move After a Divorce

How to take care of yourself and your move after a divorce

How to Take Care of Yourself and Your Move After a Divorce

The top three most stressful events people go through in life are moving, divorce and death. So if you’re going through the first two at one time, it’s no wonder you’re stressed! Anyone would be. Give yourself some grace as you go through the double whammy of divorce and moving. And don’t stop there. Reach out for help from other people–not just the San Antonio movers you hire (though they will be of great help!) but also your friends and family. So as you prepare for the stress of moving during divorce, here’s how to take care of yourself with a little help from your loved ones and your San Antonio movers.

Don’t Ignore Your Emotions

It’s common for people to think they have to be strong during divorce, maybe for the kids, or maybe just to convince everyone else they’re okay. But it’s not in your best interests to ignore your feelings at this time. You need support right now, and you likely have some friends or family who are looking for ways to help you.

So reach out to them, and take them up on their offer of going out for coffee so you can talk about how you’re feeling. Maybe even invite them to moving day, not so they can help lift your couch–your San Antonio movers have that covered!–but so they can give you emotional support. You should also see a counselor who specializes in divorce so you can get some guidance from a professional as you go through this life change.

Focus On Your Needs

You’ll find that it’s hard to be emotionally well if your body isn’t getting the sleep and nourishment it needs. That’s why it’s important to keep up your physical strength by getting at least seven hours of sleep per night and eating regularly.

You might not mind being hungry when you’re lying in bed worrying about what the future holds, but you really don’t want to be hungry on moving day. "Hangry" just doesn’t mix well with making big decisions about what goes where while you move!

Decide How to Divide Up Your Assets

If the court didn’t help you through the step of dividing up your assets, you’ll need to spend time talking to your spouse about who gets what as you pack. Make sure this is done long before your San Antonio movers show up. You probably don’t want an audience as you determine who gets to keep the TV; that could get awkward fast!

Once you know who gets which items, think about whether you want your spouse home during moving day. If you don’t get along–which describes 99% of divorcing couples–you might want to move when your spouse isn’t home so you can avoid confrontation. Of course, if you and your spouse get along fine and he or she is excited to get you out of the house, having him or her there on moving day might help it go faster! And note that we can take away furniture you don’t want on moving day if there are some items neither of you want to claim.

Get Police Involved If Necessary

If there’s potential for violence during your move, your main concern should be keeping yourself safe. This means you should consider getting a police presence on moving day.

Of course, not every divorcing couple needs to use this option. But if you think you might need it at all, don’t be afraid to ask for help from the police. If you’ve ever been physically hurt or threatened by your spouse and can’t guarantee he or she won’t be at the house when you move, asking the police to be there with you is your safest bet.

Communicate Your Situation to Your San Antonio Moving Company

Don’t leave your San Antonio movers in the dark about your divorce. We want to know what you’re dealing with as you move, especially if it’s going to affect moving day. If you’re too ashamed to tell your movers, keep in mind that they move people during divorce quite often. After all, nearly half of all marriages end in divorce, so your situation is nothing you need to hide.

Additionally, if you’re dealing with domestic violence, it’s important that you let your San Antonio movers know upfront. You might be surprised how much we can help with your domestic violence dispute. For example, we can give you a special ID number to use when you call for updates on your move, to ensure that your spouse cannot call us and simply use your name to find out where you’re moving. Your safety is important to us, so give us a chance to help you on moving day!

No matter the circumstances surrounding your divorce, you deserve to have a great move and a chance to be happy again afterward. So if you want moving help from a San Antonio moving company that cares, contact 3 Men Movers today to schedule your move.

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