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10 Things You Need To Know When Moving To Houston

Houston is our home turf. 3 Men Movers was founded and based in this city over thirty years ago, and we’ve collected a fair amount of collective knowledge about our fine city. If you’re moving to Houston, there’s no reason to fret. We’re about to share the ten things you need to know before you plant roots in Houston!

What you need to know when moving to Houston

1. Houston is an extremely diverse city…it’s awesome

Though Houston is no longer the most diverse city in America, it is still an extremely diverse city. Our population is made up of individuals from all different nationalities and races.The population of Houston has grown dramatically within the last decade and with this growth, the diversity within the city has flourished.The reality of living in Houston is that you will see a thriving community amongst many different people.

2. Traffic is an everyday headache. Don’t depend on knowing the distance of how far your apartment is away from work to account for time

You may be only going three miles but that doesn’t necessarily mean that it will only take you a few minutes to arrive at your destination. With well over 2 million residents, Houston is estimated as the fourth most populated city in the United States. There’s also a definitive lack of public transportation in Houston, and this disparity isn’t likely to change anytime soon. You should research the traffic flow before your morning commute to find the best route.

3. The rodeo only comes to town once a year

Don’t expect to see people walking around in cowboy hats and boots all year long (well maybe a few people but that definitely isn’t the norm). Houston is more of a concrete jungle than the wild wild west. However, when the rodeo does come to town, the city turns up for it!

4. The dedication to green spaces and art in Houston is growing

Not many can say that they’re overwhelmed by the beautiful landscape of Houston, it is made up of highways, concrete, and a never ending flow of office buildings. However, the dedication to creating green spaces in Houston has definitely upped the aesthetic value of the city. Discovery Green was opened in 2008. The park is located within the epicenter of the city, is a great place to take a walk or walk your dog, and is used as a prime space for free cultural events. There is also an abundance of art galleries, museums (like the Museum of Fine Arts Houston), and beautiful murals and street art all around Houston.

5. Houston has great food and most of it is affordable

The Houston 15 is a real thing. Just kidding, but living in Houston means that you have access to some of the nation’s best restaurants. From trendy restaurants that bring fine dining to the masses, to top-notch food trucks, to city staples. You’ll never go hungry here, and you won’t break the bank feeding your inner foodie.

6. Every neighborhood has its own personality

Each little pocket of the city has its own flavor. Which is great because there’s somewhere for everyone. The ritzy crowd hangs out in River Oaks, the artsy crowd loves Montrose, and the hip millennials love The Heights.

7. The weather is intense

Houston weather is not for the faint of heart. It’s harsh, and in many ways that you may not imagine. You’ve probably heard about Houston heat. Trust us when we say the word on the street is not an exaggeration. During the summer, being outside for more than ten minutes means that you’ll probably need a water bottle to replenish the fluids you’ll lose and most likely a new shirt. The heat in Houston is also very humid, not great on the hair.

One of the things that you may not know about Houston is that flooding is a real problem. The amount of rain that the city receives seems to be on the rise and the infrastructure and lack of zoning and building laws don’t help the problem. In the recent April 2016 flood the city took on over 240 billion gallons of water in a matter of days, according to the Houston Chronicle. This means that if you park on the street, you need to make sure you get your vehicle to higher ground before you’re up to your dashboard in water.

8. Finding an apartment is like shopping for a flight

If you’re planning on living in an apartment in Houston you’ll be renting in the 4th largest city in the US, the competition and pricing are fierce. Most renters have moved to a system where the prices fluctuate daily. Don’t expect to spend one day going on several building’s websites compiling the prices. Very few list prices online and most will not give you a quote over the phone. Give yourself time to complete this process because many will push to give you the price of the apartment in person and many will spend time selling you on the property before disclosing the price.

9. Houston’s not just an oil city

Though energy does make up a very large portion of the industry within Houston business, medical, engineering, and creative fields thrive in Houston. Many don’t know that our medical district is world renowned. It is the largest medical center in the world, and it is also home to the largest cancer center in the world, MD Anderson Cancer Center.

10. Free events are easy to find

There’s always something going on in Houston and the great thing is a lot of the events are free! Discovery Green hosts free events throughout the week and weekend. The events on the green range from free yoga and Zumba, to performances, and even late night flea markets. Miller Outdoor Theater (located in Hermann Park) hosts free theater, music, dance, and much more. Plus, if you want to know what’s going on in the city just check the Houston Press calendar. They’ve always got the scoop on fun events in Houston!

In Conclusion

As locals we can confidently say that most people who visit Houston are pleasantly surprised by the diversity, fantastic food scene, and the artistic community that has blossomed in Houston. It definitely has its quirks but we’re proud of our city!