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The 3 Men Movers’ “ABCs of Moving”

There’s no doubt that moving can be stressful – but it doesn’t have to be if you know your ABCs!

ABCs of Moving - Moving Tips Made EasyIn our thirty years of creating happy moves for Texans, we’ve learned quite a bit about the moving process – that’s why we created the ABCs of Moving as a simple and fun guide to stay on top of your move. These moving tips and tricks take the guesswork out of planning your happy move by helping you anticipate the road ahead. Pair this guide with our Moving Checklist and our How-to Guides for an informed and stress-free move.

A is for Apartment Restrictions: If you’re moving into a new apartment, it might be best to check with your landlord about your complex’s moving restrictions. Features regularly open to the public (like elevators or carports) might not be available, or you may be asked to travel within the complex via an alternate route to keep things clear for other tenants.

B is for Boxes: It is very difficult and time-consuming for your movers to move loose items, and some moving companies may refuse to move any items that are not packed properly. Luckily, there are boxes for every kind of shape or object – use them to properly protect your valuables!

C is for Checklist: Having trouble keeping up with loose ends? Don’t know where to start planning a stress-free move? Use this handy moving checklist to stay on track!

D is for Damages: No one wants them, but sometimes you can’t avoid them! Make sure your moving company of choice has a transparent system available to report damages as or after you find them.

E is for Efficiency: Save time by planning ahead! Create a color-coded system to distinguish your boxes by room, pack a few extra games to keep the kids entertained, or schedule a kennel visit for the dogs – anything that can be done ahead of time will shave off time.

F is for the First Night in Your New Home: Pack a separate box for your “must have” items for your first night. Be sure to include toiletries, medication, blankets, an extra change of clothes, electronics and their chargers, and anything you can’t spend one night without!

G is for Garage Sales: Need to downsize quickly? Organize a garage sale for the items you don’t trash. It’s a great way to pick up extra spending money, and it lets you rest easy knowing that your beloved valuables have a brand new home!

H is for Happy Moves: What does your ideal move look like? Is it easy, fast, or cheap? Visualizing how you’d like your move day to progress ahead of time, often translates to a smoother and happier reality.

I is for Insurance: All moving companies are required by law to offer a standard liability coverage of 0.60 per pound. If you’re concerned for your valuables, check with your moving company to ensure that you can purchase insurance plans that offer more coverage per pound for your items.

J is for (Traffic) Jams: If you live near a metropolitan city, traffic is to be expected. Ask your moving company what you should expect in the event of a traffic jam, and whether that will affect the overall price of your move.

K is for Kids: Don’t forget to prepare a separate game plan for the kids on The Big Day! If you can’t find a babysitter in time, try packing an “entertainment kit” to keep them occupied throughout the day.

L is for Long Distance Moves: If you’re moving in or out of state, planning a long distance move will require more planning and set-up. Make sure your moving company of choice can provide this service.

M is for Multiple Stop Moves: Adding a third or fourth stop to your move doesn’t have to be difficult if you inform your movers beforehand. When booking a move, be sure to mention the name and location of your extra stops so they can be added to your itinerary.

N is for Your New Neighborhood: After the move, you may need a few weeks or months to adjust to your new neighborhood. Use our How-to guide to discover how easy it is to love your new community.

O is for Options: Can your moving company provide extra crews or bigger trucks? Be sure to ask before you book!

P is for Pianos (and Other Heavy Items!): Pianos and similar heavy items might require extra fees. Be sure to ask your moving company about their policies on moving pianos, gun safes, and other items over 600 pounds.

Quotes (free ones, that is): This isn’t a requirement, but a free moving quote can put your mind at ease for sure! Always make sure you get a quote ahead of time, and don’t hesitate to ask about other pricing options or coupons that may be available to you.

R is for Redecorating: The best time to redecorate is after your move, when you’ve yet to unpack. If you’re looking to spice things up, try our guide to redecorating on a DIY budget.

S is for Self Storage: Don’t be afraid to let your movers know if you need to move some things to storage. If your moving company doesn’t offer on-site storage services, try to find one near your home to cut down on the trip charge.

T is for Tipping: Not sure how to tip your movers? Read our guide here.

U is for Understanding Your Rights: Did you know that you have certain rights afforded to you as a customer? Moving companies are required by law to inform you of the Customer’s Rights and Responsibilities before your move.

V is for Vetting your Movers: Don’t forget to do your research! Protecting your move from fraudulent moving companies can save your family time, money, and stress.

W is for Waste Recycling: Have some old boxes or electronics to get rid of? Try recycling them! Check with your moving company to see if they have a recycling program in place; if not, check for local programs in your area.

X is for “X-perts:” Anyone can be a “moving expert,” but how do you qualify expertise? When researching moving companies, check for metrics like the number of completed moves, number of satisfied reviews on Yelp or the BBB, and how long the company has been active.

Y is for Yelp: Loved your move? If your move was amazing, Yelp is a helpful tool to review your services and provide feedback for your moving company.

Z is for ZZZs: You might be tempted to stay up the night before your move to finalize plans or burn off some anxiety, but a good night’s rest is the best way to keep you refreshed and ready to go the day of your move!