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How to Tip Your Movers in 30 Seconds

After some research and data pulling we were able to find out the average tip amount along with a few extra tips to help you fully understand tipping our movers.

Video Transcription

This is how to tip your mover explained in 30 seconds. You may be wondering where to leave your tip
• You can leave it on your card at the end of your move
• You can leave it in cash

If you are leaving a cash tip you may be wondering who to give it to
• You can give it to the crew leader
• Each individual mover

Most of our clients leave between
• 10-15% of their final bill
which usually averages out to be
• $20 to $30 per mover
but know the amount you to tip is completely up to you.

If you can’t leave a tip
but you really love the service you can leave us a review on
or you can
• Recommend us to your friends and family

and that’s how to tip your mover explained in 30 seconds.