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Moving In Houston? Here’s How To Find Your New Neighborhood!

One of the best things about Houston is that our city is a melting pot. Each section of Houston has its own flavor – Houstonians can move 15 miles and experience a completely new lifestyle. However, the city is so varied and large that you may be struggling to decide which Houston neighborhood you should move to. Keep reading for our quick guide on choosing the perfect location for your next Houston home!

Consider your kids

One of your biggest factors when choosing where to move in Houston will be whether or not your new home meets the needs of your family. If you’re single then move on to the next tip. If you do have kids you need to think about the quality of the schools your potential neighborhood has to offer. To explore your options, check out this 2017 list of the best Houston schools.
If you want your kids to have a huge backyard to play in (this tip also applies if your kids are covered in fur) you probably want to steer clear of the inner city and opt for the suburbs where you can get more square footage for your dollar. Just to name a few; Katy, and Sugar Land are both family friendly suburbs of Houston.

Consider your lifestyle

Houston isn’t a compact city by any means. According to facts from the City of Houston, it is the largest city in the South and covers a whopping 8,778 square miles. Your neighborhood becomes your world when you live in Houston. If you live 30 miles away from your favorite restaurants or yoga studio, it makes it hard to swing by your favorite spots after work. Make sure that your neighborhood has local spots that you can come to love. If you’re a die-hard Rockets fan and never miss a game, you may not want to drive all the way back to Katy after every fourth quarter.

Test your new neighborhood out before you move

Spend some time in your neighborhood before moving. Go for lunch, take a Saturday stroll, and just get a feel for how everyday life would be. There are some places that you may love but may not like as a homebase. For example, you may like going out in Midtown but you may not love the noise instead you may want to opt for the River Oaks area, still close but a little more calm.

Think about your commute

Houston is a commuter city. You need to consider what your morning and evening commute will be. When you calculate a trip in Google maps it defaults to the “leave now” setting but a handy trick is to take advantage of the feature that allows you to change to time of your trip to see what the traffic patterns are like at different times of the day.

In Conclusion

One of the best things about Houston, TX is that each pocket is like a little mini city! Once you decide on your next adventure you’ll be ready to start planning your move. Remember, when you’re ready to get moved into your new Houston neighborhood, give professional movers a call to start your next chapter on the right foot!