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The Top 3 Strangest Things We’ve Ever Moved

Top 3 Strangest Things We've Ever Moved Small

Top Strangest Things 3 Men Movers Has Ever Moved

Having been in the moving business for more than 30 years, we feel like we’ve seen it all. We’ve found that everyone has a few items that are kind of personal, a little strange or downright embarrassing — and they all need to be moved from one house to another. We’re used to it and make sure our Austin movers are total professionals no matter what they’re moving.

There are some items we’ve moved that are unforgettable because we’ve only seen them the one time, not over and over like we do the average couch or bed. Here are the top three strangest items our Austin movers have helped move.

House of Dolls

As an Austin moving company that’s been in this business for years, you can bet we’ve moved houses with some amazing collections of items, from stuffed turkeys to miniature dollhouses. But some collections are more memorable than others. One customer had a doll collection, which doesn’t sound all that odd…except this probably isn’t the collection you’re envisioning, where there’s maybe one room of dolls. No, this customer had hundreds (possibly thousands) of dolls taking up space in every room. We’re talking wall-to-wall shelves of dolls of every size and shape.

Once we got over the sheer enormity of this collection, we had to gingerly pack up each doll and get the boxes safely arranged in the truck. Luckily, our Austin movers hadn’t watched any doll-themed horror movies right before this move, or the process would have been a bit more challenging.

Poles of All Kinds

When you’re an Austin moving company with extra-large trucks, people call you to move really long items. Or at least that’s what we realized when one customer asked us to move a particularly impressive collection of totem poles. We’re not sure if they were authentic or replicas, but either way, they were gorgeous, hand-carved…and super long, like over 20 feet. But we got the job done, meaning we carefully packed them into the truck and got them to their destination — after taking a brief moment to stand back and admire them, of course.

By the way, totem poles might not be the most interesting type of pole we’ve moved. We also moved a stripper pole and its platform. That was an unexpected job. But hey, stripper poles need to get to their destination safely just like any other personal belonging, so that’s what we set out to do.

Spare Coffin

Another contender for the strangest item we’ve moved is a coffin. Yeah, that’s right. We showed up to the job as scheduled and got no real explanation as to why the coffin was there — and we weren’t about to ask. Whether the customer was sleeping in it or just liked having a spare coffin lying around, we’re not sure. Hey, I suppose you can never be too prepared for whatever life gives you, and a coffin may come in handy. We do realize it could have been worse; at least it was empty.

These are just some of the strangest items we’ve actually moved. Got any strange items you need us to move? Don’t worry; this Austin moving company can handle it. Give us a call to explain the situation, and we’ll get your move scheduled with 3 Men Movers – Austin.