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The Perks Of Moving

Moving is often said to be one of the most stressful events that a person can experience. According to the Journal of Psychosomatic Research, it comes after a death and a divorce. However, moving shouldn’t always be regarded as a negative. There are so many fabulous things that can come with moving, and as moving fanatics we feel that it’s our duty to remind you of the perks that accompany a move!

You may be switching to a better school district for your children

Every parent works to provide their children with the tools to succeed in life. Moving to an area with a better school district can provide your children with more resources and opportunities when it comes to their education and professional development, who wouldn’t want that?!

Moving into a new space and giving yourself a fresh start

Another perk of moving is the opportunity to have a fresh start. Sometimes you just need a change of scenery. You can breathe life into a new home and have the opportunity to let your inner HGTV star loose! Starting over in a new home can also be a great idea if you have memories in your old home that you want to move on from.

Upgrading or downsizing your home

According to the US Census, one of the top reasons that people moved in 2015 was that they were moving to a better home or apartment. Your next move may be a transition into a smaller or larger space depending on your needs. If you’re going minimalist or contracting after the kids leave the nest a “better” home might be downsizing. Or maybe you need a little more room for an expanding family. Either way you’re moving into a space that will fit your needs!

Starting a new job

A new job or a job transfer were also among the top reasons that people moved. Acquiring and starting a new position is a huge accomplishment and it may require that you relocate. You may be advancing in your salary or maybe you are just changing the direction of your career. No matter which category you fall into you will have the opportunity to make your mark on a new organization, learn new skills, and grow as a professional!

Exploring a new place

Changing your environment means that you will have the opportunity to explore a new place. You may be moving cities or maybe you’re just changing neighborhoods. If you’re a foodie, pop into your neighborhood coffee shops and restaurants to get a feel for the local cuisine. Visit the local parks and trails if you’re a fan of the great outdoors. Just get out and take a peek around! If you just moved to Houston, we made a handy cheat sheet: 10 Things You Need To Know When Moving To Houston!

Making new friends

This is one facet of moving that many people shy away from. However, making new friends and getting to know new people can be one of the most exciting parts about moving. Even if you don’t plan to stay in the area forever, having a few people that you call on to hang out with can really change your opinion of where you’re living for the better. Have trouble making friends? Befriend co-workers that you get along with, say hi to your neighbors, and make it a point to strike up conversations with people when you’re out and about. If these ideas sound to risky, check out the app Meet Up. It allows you to connect with people who share common interests in your area.

In Conclusion

Your move is what you make it – thinking positively and focusing on the bright spots we’ve listed is a great place to start. As always, if you’re ready to make the jump into a new chapter, we’re here to answer any of your moving questions. Happy moving!