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3 Deadly Moving Sins

We all want a smooth move, but many people have found that their past moves have been fraught with stress, roadblocks, and tiresomely long days. Why is this? The mistakes and issues that arise during a move can usually be traced back to three deadly sins! While these three faux pas are the common culprits of a hard move, they are surprisingly simple to avoid! Keep reading to find out what they are!

Avoid These 3 Moving Sins

Sin #1: Not being packed

Everyone has their own idea of what being “packed” looks like. However, being properly packed means having all belongings aside from furniture inside sealed, labeled boxes. Being packed will make your move faster, prevent accidents, and helps you keep track of your belongings. Think of it this way: boxed belongings -> time savings -> more money in your pocket.

Sin #2: Not choosing a reliable mover

Before you book a move you need to do research. Look for a DMV number on your mover’s website on their trucks (it’s required by law). You can even verify that their DMV number is still valid by visiting the DMV site Truck Stop. You should also read reviews on the moving company. On the day of your move, look for a branded truck and uniformed movers. Remember, if you feel uncomfortable, check out our guide on what to do if you’ve hired shady movers. Bottom line: trust your gut.

Sin 3#: Not having realistic expectations

Gain a comprehensive understanding of the pricing structure. Know the rate for labor, if there are charges for special items like moving pianos or gun safes, and the fees for travel. Really think through how much stuff you actually have – we usually don’t realize the amount of belongings we own until we’re trying to move it.

It takes an average of 4-6 hours to fill a 24 foot moving truck. However, this is based on a household that is completely packed and has no unusual circumstances, like a far walk to get to the truck. The unload time usually takes half that time. However, when driving to your second location know that the movers won’t be able zoom through traffic. The truck will be full of delicate and costly items, and is required to drive below the speed limit.

In Conclusion

If you want your move to be as successful as possible make sure you do plenty of packing prep work and ensure that you have reasonable expectations. Avoiding these 3 deadly sins will be the key to a happy, safe, and stress-free move – who doesn’t want that?!