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Three Must Do’s Before Moving Into A Storage Unit

You may choose to put items into storage until you move them to a new location or maybe you just don’t have the room to keep your items but aren’t ready to part with them yet. No matter what the reason is, there are a few things that you need to do before putting your items into storage. So many people make the mistake of just piling the items they’re taking to storage in the back of their vehicle and throwing them into the storage unit without any real method or strategy. If you’re guilty of this, you are setting yourself up for a lot of pain when you need to locate or take something out of your storage unit but you don’t have to!

How To Choose A Storage Unit


Ask the company what the climate of the storage facility is

Many people hear the term “climate controlled” and they don’t look any further into the matter. But you still need to verify the average temperature that the company keeps their storage units. The truth is that a climate controlled facility can range anywhere from 55°F and 85°F.

If you live in a humid environment, like Texas, having a climate controlled storage facility that stays on the lower end of the temperature will be important. Wood ,for example, can warp and crack over time if exposed to too much humidity. If you wrap your furniture in plastic to protect it from dirt and debris you may need to be careful because if heated, the plastic can melt onto the furniture.

Pack items for storage safely and securely

This is one of the most important steps. You need to ensure that your items are packed well if you want them to be in the same shape when you take them out of the storage unit. Wrap furniture and delicate items with blankets to cut down on scuffs and scrapes and ensure that all loose items are in sealed boxes. If you are storing a mattress, cover it with plastic, use a mattress cover, or a mattress bag.

After boxing and sealing your items you need to take the final step and label all of your boxes. Notate the content of the box and whether or not the box is fragile.

Make a plan for loading your items into the storage unit

If there are items that you know you will need to have access to make sure you load them last, or if you’re using movers make sure they know what items these are. Your labels will be a huge help at this point in the process. You will know exactly what boxes have fragile contents and cannot be stacked on the bottom and you can make a strategic plan for loading your storage unit!

In Conclusion

Do not make the mistake of not properly preparing before you move your belongings into storage. These simple steps ensures that you will have easy access to items that you know you’ll need without having to unpack the entire unit. You will also cut down on the chances that your items are damaged during their time in storage and who doesn’t want that?