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How To Keep Your TV Safe During Your Move

how to keep your tv safe while moving

Although they may be bulky, tv’s are extremely fragile, and if the screen is damaged it’s nearly impossible to fix. We’re giving you three methods to help protect your tv during your move so you don’t have to miss out on binge watching your favorite shows!

Four ways to prevent your television from being damaged during your move

Put your tv in it’s original box during your move

This is a great way to keep your tv protected during your move (it’s also free which is a huge bonus). We recommend allowing your movers to shrink wrap your tv before putting it inside of the box, this will give it a little more protection without making it too bulky to fit inside the box like blankets would.

Purchase a tv box

You can search for a box that fits the dimensions of your tv, or you can purchase an adjustable tv box. You can find them at The Home Depot and Lowes. A TV box will usually run around $20, which may seem pricey for a box but it’s a small price to pay to keep such a high-value item safe when moving.

Protect your tv with blankets and shrink wrap

If you don’t have the original box that the tv came in or have time to purchase a tv box, have your movers wrap your tv in blankets and cover the blankets in shrink wrap. If your car is large enough you can ask the movers to load the television in and out of your car eliminating the risk of having it in the back of a moving truck with heavy boxes and furniture.

Always ensure that the cord isn’t pressing against the screen

If the cord is pressing against the tv after it has been wrapped or boxed you can cause a tear in your screen. Make sure that the cord is wrapped around the base or secured against the back of the tv to avoid damage.

In conclusion

If you don’t have the original box that your television came in, purchasing an adjustable box is a safe method to keep your tv protected during your move. While having the movers wrap your tv in blankets and shrink wrap isn’t the most fool-proof method if you’re in a pinch on move day that may be your best bet. Otherwise, take a look in your garage for the original tv box or purchase an adjustable box!